Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Serbia

Platform for the cooperation of various actors in society with the aim of improving the conditions for the application of technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What we do?

Biotech ecosystem

We bring together key stakeholders to create conditions for the development of 4IR technologies, work on improving the competences of professionals, exchange knowledge with global experts and position Serbia in the international framework.

Legal-regulatory framework

We initiate changes, participate in the adaptation and optimization of the legal-regulatory framework that will enable the application and development of 4IR technologies with a focus on medicine, healthcare, and artificial intelligence.

Situation analyses

We conduct analyzes of the state in Serbia and abroad in areas related to 4IR, we design actions and programs aimed at creating preconditions for the introduction of innovative solutions in the health system.


The Centre coordinates various projects in the field of biotechnology with the aim of enhancing conditions for the development, testing, and advancement of new technologies for the benefit of society. Our primary focus is on data from the fields of biomedicine and genetics, infrastructure development for the storage and utilization of big data, as well as the establishment of new protocols to ensure better conditions for the advancement of the health and science sectors.

The project’s objective is to establish information system and implement standards for the storage and exchange of genetic data, considering technical and data protection aspects. The Registry will be accessible to scientific and health institutions, and the data will be utilized for research and development in biotechnology, bioinformatics, bioeconomy, genetics, and medicine.

This project involves analysis of the complete genetic material of 1000 volunteers. The data obtained from the whole exome/genome analysis will be used to examine the influence of genetic characteristics on the development of chronic diseases and hereditary disorders leading to physical malformations. Additionally, it will focus on interpreting hereditary components associated with the risk of cardiovascular and malignant diseases.

We are collaborating with the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGE) on a project dedicated to NSCLC (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer) research. Our contribution includes providing the necessary IT infrastructure resources for the storage of clinical and genetic data, as well as supporting coordination and communication among participants.

To educate and raise awareness among the broader population about the importance of applying genetics in healthcare and science, we are conducting a survey to gauge the opinions and knowledge of Serbian citizens regarding genetics, genetic research, and genetic testing.

Through all our activities and projects, we strive to strengthen the bioinformatics community. Our efforts have led to the establishment of the Genomics Section within BIRBI and the upcoming launch of the Genetic and Biomedical Data Registry. Moreover, we are introducing an official educational program in this area. 

Biotech Future Forum

International Conference that brings together business, academic and government leaders in order to encourage cooperation and exchange of knowledge in the field of biotechnology and artificial intelligence