Meeting on cooperation with Embassy of Canada

Today, in the Office for IT and eGovernment, we have hosted Ambassador of Canada, His Excellency Giles Norman and director of the Embassy’s economic department, Filip Petrovic.

The occasion of the working meeting was closer introduction and presentation of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Serbia. The director of the Centre, Jelena Bojovic, gave a presentation on the work and goals of the Centre, as well as projects that will be implemented in the future.

The meeting was attended by the director of the Office for IT and eGovernment, Dr Mihailo Jovanovic, who presented the capacities of the State Data Center in Kragujevac and its importance in the realization of the Centre’s projects.

Together, we discussed potential co-operation between Serbia and Canada in the areas the Centre deals with, and Canada has been recognised as an example of good practice in defining the strategy for the application of artificial intelligence and a potential partner of the Centre for the exchange of knowledge, experience and experts.

Motivated by the conclusions of the meeting, we look forward to successful projects in the future and joint improvement of ecosystems for the development and application of biotechnology and bioinformatics in healthcare.

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