The third phase of the Government Data Center and the construction of a new Innovation District

Director of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Jelena Bojovic, on Wednesday, October 26, attended the first planning workshop of the Office for IT and eGovernment of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, where the beginning of the implementation of the third phase of the Government Data Center in Kragujevac and its expansion and expansion into the Innovation District was announced.

The mayor of Kragujevac, Nikola Dasic, director of Data Cloud Technology, Danilo Savic and assistant directorof the Office for IT and eGovernment, Slavisa Antic, addressed the meeting, who presented the plan for the construction of the district and used the opportunity to discuss with the gathered plans and ideas for its best purpose and use. The workshop was attended by all relevant representatives of the state, academic and business sectors.

The construction of the Innovation District was announced as an important project of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The State Data Centre complex in Kragujevac has so far consisted of two buildings – one was intended for state and commercial clients, while the other was used by security personnel. The new, third building will differ from the first two that it will be an open space for the IT community of the city of Kragujevac, as well as all citizens and visitors.

Namely, the construction of the district envisages a “smart city” laboratory and other facilities that will allow citizens to experience and get acquainted with the still abstract notion of smart city. When sensors are installed in this open space for parking spaces, for noise, air quality, smart lighting and the like, it is believed that the advantages of the so-called smart city will be much closer to the domestic public.

The Director of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Serbia herself presented the possibilities for the use of the new Innovation District, together with representatives of the University of Kragujevac, The University of Criminal Isticology and Police, Technical High School in Kragujevac, The Digital Serbia Initiative and ICT Cluster.

The project “Lozionica”, whose construction begins this year, was also presented at the meeting, with the aim of becoming a creative-innovative, multifunctional hub in the Republic of Serbia.

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