Introducing the third international conference Biotech Future Forum

For the third year in a row, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and its Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution are organizing the international conference Biotech Future Forum, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Special support for organizing this year’s conference is provided by the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications and the BIO4 campus, the new bioeconomy hub in Europe.

The Conference is scheduled for the last week of October 2024, under the official name “AI 4 LIFE: Biotech Future Forum.” The presence of over 2,000 domestic and international experts is expected, who will start crucial dialogues in the fields of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, bioeconomy, technological innovations, digitalization of healthcare, precision medicine, and many more!

The Conference structure includes expert panels and workshops, keynote lectures by business and science leaders, an exhibition space for startups, and an Immersive room showcasing the most important achievements in the field of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). In addition, this year’s Conference will also provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and network with the world’s leading experts and leaders in the fields.

For more information about this year’s Conference, click HERE.

The Biotech Future Forum international conference was held for the first time in 2022 in the Palace of Serbia, to present a new initiative of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the World Economic Forum – the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Serbia. Since then, the Conference has become an important national initiative and a key annual event in the promotion of technological innovation in Serbia.

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