Serbia at AI Governance Summit

The World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Summit, hosted by the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), convened in San Francisco from November 13 to 15, drawing in leaders and experts from over 200 nations. Serbia was represented by Mr. Stefan Badža, Adviser of PM for AI.

This summit served as a pivotal platform within the broader AI community, aiming to steer the responsible development and deployment of generative AI on a global scale. At its core, the summit is designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, strategic planning, and the implementation of tangible steps that ensure the ethical and responsible use of AI technology.

With a focus on refining existing AI governance frameworks, the summit aligns with the goal of enabling the AI community to convene and strengthen existing structures. Moreover, it aims to spotlight the latest advancements in generative AI technology, applications, and governance strategies.

The event not only served as a meeting ground for executives but also as a secure space for fostering exchanges, fostering collaborations and partnerships, and advancing a collective action and impact agenda. The goal was to create an environment conducive to promoting responsible AI innovation while ensuring ethical guidelines are at the forefront of technological advancements.

A notable achievement has been the formation of the AI Governance Alliance (AIGA), comprising 33 countries, including Serbia. This collaborative initiative centers on three crucial domains: Sustainable Applications and Transformation, Resilient Governance and Regulation, and Safe Systems and Technologies. AIGA aims to leverage collective expertise to address the complexities of AI governance while emphasizing sustainability, resilience, and safety in AI applications.

The participation of diverse stakeholders from various nations underscores the universal recognition of the need for a concerted effort in establishing robust governance frameworks. The commitment of countries like Serbia exemplifies the growing global consensus on the imperative of responsible AI development.

By bringing together leaders, decision-makers, and experts, it lays the groundwork for a future where AI innovations align with societal values and ethical considerations, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive technological landscape.

Further information on AIGA and the Summit you can discover on website HERE.

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