Cooperation with Serbia: Perspectives of Pharma Companies (VIDEO)

During the International conference Biotech Future Forum 2023 held last October, a series of video interviews were conducted with representatives of pharmaceutical companies engaged in cooperation with Serbia. The aim of these interviews was to explain the motives behind their partnerships with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, either through investment or by signing Memorandums of Understanding in the field of biotechnology. The videos were created to emphasize objectives: the advancement of biotechnology and the support for innovation and growth.

Representatives from five companies – Zdravlje Leskovac, MSD, Roche, BGI Research-Europe, and Takeda – shared their perspectives on cooperating with Serbia. They emphasized the key advantages that drove them towards establishing strategic partnerships, highlighting Serbia as a favorable environment for developing innovative projects. At the same time, they offered insights into planned initiatives and projects contributing to the country’s biotechnological development, reaffirming their commitment to innovation, research, and long-term growth.

In the interview, Kiren Naidoo, CEO of Zdravlje Leskovac, spoke on behalf of their company. Cyril Schiever, Senior Vice President and President of the Mid-Europe Region represented MSD; Adriano Treve, Area Head for Turkey, Russia, Iran, Central Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe & Indian Subcontinent represented Roche; Dr. Junhua Li, Executive Director, spoke on behalf of BGI Research-Europe; and Kieran Leahy, Regional Director for Eastern Europe, presented on behalf of Takeda company.

The video interviews are available on the Centre’s official YouTube channel and can be accessed by clicking on the link: HERE.

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