Opening ceremony of the Genomics Section

At the initiative of C4IR Serbia, the Genomics Section within the Serbian Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology is officially launched at the Belgrade Bioinformatics Conference (BelBI). The Genomics section will bring together the most important participants of the genomic ecosystem of Serbia, and the goal is to work together to push the boundaries in the field of bioinformatics, molecular biology, medicine, and pharmacology. Focus of the Section will be on promotion of the research and achievements, as well as the education of young people in this innovative field. The opening speech was given by Prof. Dr. Nenad Mitić from the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, after which Dr. Nevena Veljković, Consultant of C4IR Serbia, presented the publicationGenomic Ecosystem of Serbia“. Those present had the opportunity to learn more about current genomic projects in Serbia, as well as to hear about the future goals of the Section, which was presented by Dr. Branislava Gemović, the Project Manager of our Centre.

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