Participants of the Biotech Future Forum visited Novi Sad, Belgrade and Kragujevac

At the first international conference Biotech Future Forum 2022, which was realized in the period from 20 to 21 October in Belgrade, foreign guests and participants had the opportunity to visit Novi Sad, Belgrade and Kragujevac as hosts of the most representative domestic institutions in the field of biotechnology in Serbia – BioSense Institute, BioCell Hospital as a member of biotechnology holding Vincula Biotech Group and the Government Data Center.

BioSense Institute in Novi Sad is a research and development institute for IT in biosystems, a pioneer in digital transformation of agriculture in Serbia, founded in 2015. Exploring scientific and technological frontiers regarding the application of IT in agriculture, the Institute strives to deliver state-of-the- art digital solutions to the farming sector in Serbia and the world, in order to ensure higher yields with smaller investments. Material science, micro and nano electronics, sensor design, remote sensing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and bioarcheology are just some of the scientific fields BioSense integrates to make agriculture more efficient and uses science as a backbone for economic growth, social well-being, and employment. The Institute has successfully implemented 30 national and over 50 international projects, and has won numerous national and international research awards. The Institute’s most prominent project, ANTARES (H2020), supported by the European Commission and the Republic of Serbia, will turn BioSense into a leading Center of Excellence for Sustainable Agriculture.

BioCell Hospital in Belgrade is a member of the biotechnology holding Vincula Biotech Group, one of the leaders in the field of regenerative medicine and gene and cell therapies in the world. In synergy with other companies and holding institutions, BioCell conducts its own research and cooperates with scientific and clinical institutions in Serbia and around the world, contributing to the development and improvement of medicine. All procedures are carried out with the help of state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which makes this medical institution unique in standard and advanced medicine in Serbia and the region.

The Government Data Center in Kragujevac is the most modern infrastructure facility in the region, built according to the highest technical and safety standards and meets the highest reliability standard of 99.995% – Tier 4. It is intended for storing equipment and data of the state administration, local self-government, as well as commercial users. It was established in May 2021 by the Office for IT and eGovernment of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The State Data Center in Kragujevac houses the key information and communication structure of the Republic of Serbia, which makes it five times larger than the State Data Center in Belgrade.

The host of the visit in Novi Sad was Prof. Vladimir Crnojevic, Director of the BioSense Institute, who on that occasion visited the construction of the new building of the Institute with the participants. Thanks to the special antivibration characteristics of the facility, it will enable the use of the most modern scientific equipment necessary for the development of micro and nano electronics, sensors and other devices. Parallel, Dr. Dzihan Abazovic, CEO of Vincula Biotech Group, welcomed the participants at BioCell Hospital in Belgrade. After visiting the hospital, the guests were presented with the research projects of this biotechnology holding. Prof. Dr Mihailo Jovanovic, former Director of the Office for IT and eGovernment and current Minister of Information and Telecommunications, hosted the delegation of the Republic of Turkey together with the Assistant Director of the Government Data Center in Kragujevac, Boban Mihajlovic, who visited Facility 1 and Facility 2 of this complex.

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