Director of the Centre at Kopaonik Business Forum

The 31st Kopaonik Business Forum, the most significant business event in the country and the region, took place in the past few days. The central theme of this year’s Forum was “New global context: Challenges of an uncertain future”. The event was organized by the Serbian Association of Economists, under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and brought together over 1,600 participants, including government officials, diplomats, academics, and business leaders, who engaged in discussions on current economic and social issues in the country and beyond.

Jelena Bojović, the director of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Serbia, participated in the panel titled “Rethinking Healthcare Financing Based on Data.”  The panel was moderated by Dr. Dragan Lončar, and the panelists included Mark Boyd from Open Data Institute UK, Ana Govedarica, general manager at Roche, Vukašin Radulović, co-founder of Heliant, and Sanja Škodrić Radojević, director of the Health Insurance Fund in Serbia.

They discussed the importance of prevention, the promotion of health culture in society, and methods for encouraging citizens to actively care for their health preventively. Innovative solutions and strategies were emphasized, with Bojović particularly stressing the significance of the regulatory framework related to the digitization of healthcare, underlining the importance of utilizing data and fostering data-based healthcare.

This year’s Kopaonik Business Forum, often referred to as the Serbian Davos, spanned from March 3 to 6, 2024. Under the Forum’s central theme, “New global context: Challenges of an uncertain future,” topics such as energy security and transformation, climate change, green transition, circular economy, e-mobility, Industry 4.0, education, young talents, and successful entrepreneurs were explored. The forum brought together high-ranking state officials, diplomats, scientists, and representatives from the business sector, including Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, Minister of Information and Telecommunications Prof. Mihaila Jovanović, Minister of Science Jelena Begović, and others.

More information about Kopaonik Business Forum 2024 can be found on the official website: HERE.

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