‘Studio znanja’ appearance – Serbia’s Science TV show (VIDEO)

Dragana Šutović Ilić, the project manager of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Serbia, appeared as a guest on the show ‘Studio znanja,’ Serbia’s science TV show on the Radio Television of Serbia. The show’s topic was artificial intelligence, viewed from the perspective of futurology, robotics, and startups in the field of information technology.

The other guests on the show were Ljubiša Bojić, a senior research associate at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, Đura Pađan, a teacher of technical and IT education at Elementary School “Vladislav Ribnikar,” and Vlada Delić, a professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

During the conversation, Dragana highlighted the key role of artificial intelligence, stressing its multiple impacts on reshaping the way of life and work. She particularly emphasized that artificial intelligence enables the personalization of products and services through the analysis of extensive datasets, not only improving user satisfaction but also optimizing the use of resources. The conversation then moved on to the Centre’s research focus, presenting projects and activities in the field of biotechnology and the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Dragana emphasized that the Centre’s activities include working on regulations, providing necessary infrastructure, as well as designing programs and initiatives aimed at improving or creating conditions for the development, testing, and improvement of new technologies for the benefit of society.

A special focus of the show was placed on the advantages of artificial intelligence in the field of health, predicting significant transformations through the integration of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and data science.”Our vision includes personalized medicine, where the combination of these technologies enables more accurate diagnoses and treatments adapted to the individual characteristics of patients. Fast and accurate diagnostics made possible by the combination of biotechnology and artificial intelligence, together with the synergy between biotechnology and data science, promise the identification of new therapies and drugs, speeding up the process of drug development,” said Dragana.

You can watch the show “Studio znanja” at the following link: HERE.

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