Proof of concept program public call for projects

The Proof of Concept program is intended for researchers who recognize that their research has commercial potential. The program offers financial and business support for testing scientific ideas or theories.

The objectives of the Program are:

  1. Supporting the transformation of research results into commercial or socially useful products.
  2. Increasing the number and quality of projects ready for commercial application.
  3. Promoting the importance of intellectual property (IP) in scientific and research work.

Each project team whose Project is approved for financing will hire a business advisor from the official list approved by the Science Fund, which will be published later. The program supports projects from all scientific fields. Projects within this Program do not have predetermined topics. The program is intended for scientists and researchers who are employed in accredited NIOs in the Republic of Serbia. Only the NIO in which the Project Manager is employed and is a signatory to the financing agreement, and which is responsible for the management of funds, can participate.

You can download the public invitation HERE.

The duration of projects is up to one year (12 months).

The budget of the program is 1,000,000 euros.

You can download all information about the Program and required tender documents HERE.

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