Driving Biotech Progress: Insights from Minister Jelena Begović

The Biotech Future Forum recently hosted an enriching interview where our moderator Walter Pasquarelli, an esteemed Technical Policy Advisor from the UK, interwied Dr. Jelena Begović, the Minister of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation. The dynamic conversation provided a unique window into Serbia’s dedicated pursuit of biotechnological progress and highlighted the pivotal role of collaboration between government, academia, and the private sector.

Dr. Begović emphasized the crucial role that biotechnological advancements play in shaping the future of Serbia, touching on areas from healthcare to agriculture. One of the key takeaways from Dr. Begović’s insights was the paramount importance of fostering seamless collaboration. She stressed that the convergence of efforts between government bodies, educational institutions, and the private sector is essential in propelling biotechnological innovation forward.

The complete interview conducted by Pasquarelli can be viewed in the video:

Video is supported by the British Embassy in Belgrade, as one of this year’s conference partners.

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