IV Regional Conference on Rare Diseases

At the IV Regional Conference on Rare Diseases in Novi Sad, Dr. Branislava Gemović, Project Manager of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Serbia, delivered a presentation on the topic ‘Regulatory Framework: Innovative Therapies, Genetic Data, and Applications.’  The opening word for the lecture was given by the Centre’s Director, Jelena Bojović.

Dr. Gemović discussed how the Centres affects changes and improvement of treatment practices practices through the creation of a regulatory framework, innovative initiatives, numerous projects, and as well as how the potential of genetics and genetic can enhance the healthcare system. Alongside Dr. Gemović, the panel included Dr. Nevena Veljković from Heliant doo, Jadranka Mirković from The Medicines, and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS), and Dr. Predrag Rodić from the University Children’s Clinic Belgrade, among others.

The conference’s objective is to explore the practical applications of new technologies and genetic therapies through concrete examples, with a view to potentially revolutionizing the treatment of all rare diseases in the future.

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