Strengthening the Bioinformatics Community

Through its activities, the Centre continuously works to strengthen the bioinformatics community in Serbia and improve the conditions for work in this and related fields. The Centre’s efforts have resulted in several significant outcomes and initiatives, providing substantial benefits to the entire bioinformatics community and the biotech ecosystem in Serbia, both presently and in the future. The most important accomplishments include:

  • Establishment of the Genomics Section within the Serbian Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BIRBI). This section serves as a central platform for gathering all relevant stakeholders from academia and the business sector in the fields of bioinformatics and genomics. It facilitates the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge in these areas.
  • Creation of functional and technical specifications, along with ongoing efforts to establish the Genetic and Biomedical Data Registry. Registry will become the largest and most vital resource for the bioinformatics, biotechnological, and genomic ecosystem in Serbia.
  • Launching an initiative to introduce formal master’s education programs and specialist studies in bioinformatics and biotechnology. The Centre also collaborates with faculties to incorporate mandatory subjects related to these areas into the curricula of various existing undergraduate programs.